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Wild Futures

Project type

Green Infrastructure: Strengthening Urban Pollinator Networks


July, 2023


Sydney, NSW

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Principal: Rafael Luna
Scientist: Dr. Yvonne Davila
Structure: Vistek Structural Engineers
Fabrication: Rui Hang Yong
Animated Renderings: Harp Collective
-Belen Perdiguer Torralba
-Helen Hirmiz
-Ly Nguyen


Urban Bee Lab Foundation
Sika Australia
CHH Wood Products Australia

Aligned with the Sydney Environmental Strategy 2021-2025, this project aims at testing a new house prototype for preserving and restoring urban pollinator communities within an urban context. The goal is to demonstrate through this project how architecture can contribute to protecting sensitive biodiversity through a targeted city greening of native flowering species that dictates the tectonics in architectural systems.

With the constant urban growth, intensive farming, and changes in land use (among other factors), the population of wild pollinators, such as bees, is threatened to a level of extinction. This could have devastating ramifications for food production that will affect wildlife as well as humans. Through the depletion of the natural pollinator ecosystems, the bee population has drastically reduced year over year. The purpose of this project is to study urban habitats that promote pollinator ecologies in symbiosis with humans within the City of Sydney. “Wild Futures” is a house that serves as a tower of native flowering species, attracting urban bees, butterflies, insects, and birds to form a new node in their pollination network.

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